A step-by-step guide to creating your very own Online Dispensary

“Can you sell weed online?” is a big question that rules the discussion of how to sell weed online. The rise of e-commerce has definitely made it possible to sell weed online but there are so many barriers that it cannot be tackled or approached like a regular e-Commerce business. In the past 8-12 months, online dispensaries have had to hack existing systems in order to not just reach their target market but also have an online presence at all.

As a store owner, you understand the importance of beautiful design across your online presence. You know that great design leads to more sales and more revenue.

However, if you are like most online store owners you probably don’t have a design background and years of experience with tools like Photoshop and Illustrator. When shopping for a turnkey solution to making the most out of your cannabis business, quality themes and templates are necessary and it’s a bonus if that service can offer some hands on design consultation.

In this post, our team wanted to share some of the most valuable tools to those in need of help creating beautiful marketing content that drives  sales, customer retention, and helps build a loyal community.

  1. Canva – for creating eye-catching marketing images
  2. PlaceIt – for showing screenshots of your brand new webstore
  3. Unsplash – death to the generic stock photo! Find beautiful imagery curated by passionate photographers
  4. IM Free – similar to Unsplash but different in that it is a different collective of curators
  5. Canvas – this one is very special in the cannabis industry. Canvas is a unique template builder that lets you easily create effective HTML email campaigns in minutes.

With an increasing amount of businesses emerging into the young cannabis industry, your customer’s attention is going to be harder and harder to get a hold of. It has never been more important to capture and use the power of beautiful design in driving your business goals and marketing results. Use these tools to grow your business and stay lean so that you can come out ahead before anyone else.