High-Tech Weed Accessories to Revolutionize your Pot Smoking

Weed Acessories Pot Smoking
Source: Benzinga

The 21st century has shown us some technological advancement that humanity had never before seen in history. And with the growth of the medical and science fields, the cannabis industry continues to grow. Gone are the days of grinding weed for hours and rolling joints by hand- it is the time for automatic grinders and hi-tech vaporizers. We have brought together some of the most innovative designs from technologically advanced companies across the world, introduced to help weed lovers make the most of their stash. For more information you can visit https://southcoast.co/.

Puffco Peak

Specially designed for dabbing enthusiasts, the Puffco Peak is a sleek, hi-tech device featuring four heat settings, smart temperature calibration and no torch requirement. It is a compact gadget with seven inches height and you can dab wherever and whenever you like.

The OTTO by Banana Bros

The combination of a rolling machine and grinder, the OTTO has taken the cannabis world by storm. It features an innovative design which makes it capable of rolling as many as 30 joints in a single charge and it is spill-proof and odor-proof. Whether you want to use it on the go or have arthritic hands, this gadget is a great tool for anybody. 

Nova Decarboxylator by Ardent Cannabis

Topping all the lists of hi-tech weed accessories is the Nova Decarboxylator and it takes the spot for a reason. This Nova gadget provides a complete, simple precision, eliminating the guesswork out of weed decarbing. The device takes some time to procure the cannabis while you can turn on and complete your task before you are served a fresh herb. 

7th Floor Vapes Super Surfer Vaporizer

Equipped with all you would need in a desktop vaporizer, the Super Surfer features a futuristic design complemented by an integrated fan, glass vapor bag bowl and ceramic flavor discs. It even comes with LED lights that change according to your mood. 

420 Scope by 420 Science

This gadget lets you get the best visual of your flower and concentrate with the 20-800x magnification. 420 Scope also features an integrated camera for close-up pictures and delivers wonderful imagery. You can use it to spot the trichomes, mold or to just admire your beautiful flower. 

Cloudious9 Hydrology9

One part vaporizer and one part bong, the Hydrology9 is a space-grade weed gadget featuring a filtration technology to give you extra-smooth, potent, fresh hit. 

VaporStore 7Pipe Pro

One of the best weed accessories for classic pipe lovers, the 7Pipe Pro is a lighter-pipe combo that comes in various color options to suit individual taste. It is designed to deliver a simple smoking session and can be lit up with just one click. You can purchase them through Online Dispensary Canada.

Silver Stick Filtered One-Hitter

This metallic one-hitter with a filter offers a two-in-one functionality to elevate any pot session. The stick unscrews to accommodate a replaceable filter made up of unrefined cotton. They soften the hit by diffusing the smoke so that you don’t inhale surplus smoke and they also filter gunk and tar that you could end up inhaling from an unfiltered pipe. The sleek, simple one-hitter looks great in hand.